Introduction To Incense

Introduction to Incense

 There is nothing better than a pleasant fume to calm your soul, body and mind. Fragrances work magically on our body, making us relaxed and bringing our mood up. We are sure we all have some favorite perfumes, or air fresheners that we use now and then – all just to scent the air pleasantly.

Talking about fragrances, we surely cannot ignore Incense. Incense is actually derived from a Latin term ‘incendere’ meaning ‘to burn.’ If we look at the history of incense, we can find that its use dates back to more than a 1000 years. China and Japan have been using incense since the earliest of times. Incense has gained great religious importance as well – the ritual of burning these started back in 2000 BC, in Ancient China. With time, the use of incense has greatly increased and has spread throughout the continents.

Incense comes in a variety of shapes though the most traditional shape is a long aromatic biotic stick. Incense releases a soothing fragrance in the air on burning. These are made with a combination of different material. It is mainly composed of biotic aromatic herbs and essential oil – keeping the scent as natural as possible. Incense has been used largely to appreciate positive causes and reasons to support human welfare. One of the biggest reasons which it is used for is healing. The aromatic scent has a strong healing power.

Did you know that if every morning you lit up incense in your room and quietly relax, your day will be filled with peaceful thoughts and high spirit? Burning incense can completely transform the environment of a place or a room. Incense is also used by people while doing yoga or meditating. Not all incenses smell the same. A number of companies manufacture incenses in different fragrances, and with varying intensity of the scent. Depending upon your mood, you can choose from a number of scents and use the ones that you love the most.

Incenses have unlimited positive benefits, and the best thing about them is that they are inexpensive. Anyone can afford them easily. Instead of buying air fresheners that are full of chemicals switch to a healthy lifestyle by using incense.    

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